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We value the importance of providing a trustworthy service to each of our clients


With over 60 years of exposure in this field, we remain one of the leading firms to work with


Our accountants are certified in accounting and the QuickBooks software

Who We Are

We are Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors

Our professional team of accountants are all degreed and QuickBooks Advanced Certified Pro Advisors. They always offer the best in customer service and accounting advice. We guarantee that QuickBooks Pro Advisors will do all of your accounts in-house, and someone will always be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

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Servicing Ventura County Accounting and Bookkeeping

Ten Key Accounting Solutions was created to provide a service whose commitment to superior customer service was above all else. Our professionals are elite, behind the books, and when working with our clients, we help solve your problems and answer your questions in a blink of an eye.
Today, we find ourselves in a world where technology provides customer service, and two-hour telephone holds to solve our basic business needs. We strive to break those norms and go above and beyond for our clients, giving them fast and trusted service.

We were founded in Ventura County to provide our customers with one-on-one assistance from experienced accounting professionals.
Our company has learned what it takes to help any size business become efficient and up to date. We have over 50 years of combined experience; we are always available to provide the solution to your accounting needs with the timeliness, courtesy, and accuracy that you deserve.

“I’m a pretty good sales person but I am not a bookkeeper. Just when I was ready to pitch my tangled up accounting system into the Pacific Ocean, a friend introduced me to Alethea and John and Ten Key Accounting. They were able to get my books in order going back months and got my CPA and the sales tax people off my backs. They’ve now got me on QuickBooks online and everything is copacetic. The rates are reasonable and they are great people to work with.”

Vernon S.

Seriously no need to look anywhere else for an accountant or bookkeeper!!! Ten Key Accounting Solutions is a small business accounting firm that helped me with my bookkeeping and accounting needs. Alethea was a pleasant person to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and had my business’s best interest at heart. I won’t go anywhere else!!.

Jonathan S.

Very professional and pleasant to deal with. Excellent accounting services for my small business, highly recommend this company.

Susan B.

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Our Clients Are Like Family

Each one of our clients has turned into a part of our family, we value the relationships we make right off the bat when being able to cater to their needs. Witnessing the relief we can bring in their livelihood is what rewards us the most. Our family continues to grow and strengthen as we incorporate up-to-date strategies to those that we value the most.

The Team


Founder & Principal

Alethea has been in the accounting field for 15 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in finance magna cum laude from California State University, Long Beach, and is an advanced certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. She has been brought on board to untangle the books for companies with problems going back years and has successfully been able to get them back on track with accurate books and timely reporting.


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